Holly Parker

“It’s easy to be successful when you love what you do. What could be more rewarding than helping buyers find their dream homes or sellers maximize their investments?” ~ Holly Parker

A born entrepreneur, Holly made her first sale in fifth grade. “In elementary school, I sold my barrettes. Then I baked and sold homemade baguettes.” By 13, Parker was making $20 an hour running her own kids camp. “It was called Sunshine Daycare. It became so popular that my godfather, who was an attorney, made me shut it down because I didn’t have insurance.” Via Entrepreneur, December, 2019

A real estate industry powerhouse with well over $8 billion in sales, Holly consistently achieves annual sales in excess of $500 million, and has been repeatedly honored with Douglas Elliman's most prestigious sales awards. Holly consistently outperforms sales projections, setting records and making her developers and sellers incredibly happy. An experienced real estate investor, she has a first-hand understanding of today’s market challenges, and can walk clients through the real estate process from start to finish with confidence and finesse. Buyers and sellers alike will benefit from Holly’s honest and straightforward approach to real estate investment analysis and her creative financial consultation.


Personal life

Holly believes that the harder you work, the luckier you get, and she has an equal passion sharing the fruits of her hard work with those around her. Being a working twin mom, avid traveller & personal connector of like-minded people, are passions she approaches with the same vigorous aplomb that has made her one of New York City's most accomplished real estate agents and investors.